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Georgia Janisch, R.D.

Welcome to my Web site. It is my sincere desire that you find this site interesting, informative and maybe even entertaining.

The information inside is about your health. Whether you have lost your health and wish to regain it, whether you are interested in gaining better health, or whether you simply want to modify the way you eat to prevent poor health, it's all here.

This Web site is about balance-whole body balance. It's about balancing your foods and lifestyle habits, the two major, critical influences controlling your body's chemistry: blood sugar, hormones, neurotransmitters, etc. When your chemistry returns to balance and you maintain that balance over time, your cells will regenerate and your health will improve-physically, mentally and emotionally. Sound too easy? Come inside and see.

I hope you enjoy my easy-to-read format. My Webmasters and I have worked to give you good information that is presented in a down-to-earth format we think you will like.

I must request that you enter my Web site for educational purposes only. If you have a medically diagnosed health problem, you should continue to work with your physician. I want you to know that my Web site is not for the purpose of diagnosis or treatment of any specific ailment. This Web site is for education and information only. What you do with it, of course, is up to you.

If you agree that you want to learn more about improving your health, but not how to treat or diagnose any specific illnesses, then please
Enter. If not at this time, I invite you to return at another time.

Thank you for being here.

Georgia Janisch, Registered Dietitian.


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