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This bracelet is a favorite around Sandpoint. It comes in a variety of stones. The one being shown is garnet. You can also get this in moonstone, malachite, lapis, amethyst, rosequartz, and a few others. The stone pictured is garnet, other stones are available by request.
The Item # is 306 and the price is $125.
This bracelet is at this time a one of a kind. The stone is labradorite also known as spectrolite. The price on the piece is $175. It's isbn is 2000.
This is a smaller bracelet of Norm's. The stones on this one are moonstone. You can get an assortment of stones on this one as well.
These earrings are also done by Norm Saunders, they are available in Malachite (shown) and some other assorted stones, the item # is 455 and the price is $38.00.
This leather bracelet also done by Norm features some more of his famous work with lifelike leaves and flowers, which he is very well known for, the Item # is 776 and the price is $85.00
"All the work is handmade."
These money clips are also made by Norm, he can take anything he has done and stick it on one of these beautiful money clips and he also has a few all ready done, Jaguar shown the item # is 837 and the price is $37.00
This ring is also done by Norm, it comes in agate(shown), and also Black Onyx, just to name 2, the item # is 766 and the price is $125.00

This is a one of a kind piece by Norm.
It is very unique in the fact that it has a stone called Charoite. Charoite is a stone from Russia, and it is found only in Russia. The other stones on the sides are Amethyst.
This piece is one of a kind!!!
The item # is 1322 and the price is $260.
The stones are Hematite(bottom), and Malachite(top).
This piece is one done by Norm Saunders. It is 1 of a kind and it is even more beautiful in person. The stone is amber and all of the work is hand done. The stones on the sides of this piece are garnet.
The item # is 805 and the price is $185.
The stone is malachite and once again all of the work is hand done. Norm is very known for being able to make very lifelike leaves and flowers on his pieces.
The item # is 808 and the price is $145.
This piece is a very intricate one also by Norm Saunders. It is a three stone Hematite ring with leaf designs that Norm Is very well known for.
The item # is 1368 Price is $39.00. Hematite in stock, other stones special order.
This piece is a black onyx piece also by Norm. It has Hearts and leaf designs on both sides.
The Item number is 1873 and the price is $75.00.





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