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 Norm Saunders was a carpenter in Malibu, California in the sixties. He traveled to Indian reservations in the Southwest United States with a friend of his who was a silversmith. This friend agreed to teach him, and both were influenced by the work they saw on the reservations.

     From the beginning, Norm has used Tuffa stone casting, sandcasting, and more recently some lost wax process for his designs. He is known for his hand wrought benchwork and original designs utilizing sterling silver, gemstones and leather. He describes silver as an exciting and fascinating metal. He prefers silver to other metals because of the way that it offsets the beauty of the gemstones.

     In the mid-seventies, influenced by the back to the land movement, he converted an old school bus into a mobile home. He lived in the bus for two years, while he searched the Northwest for a place to settle. Sandpoint Idaho was the place of his dreams. He married his wife, Brenda, and in 1977 paid $100 as a down payment on some forest land. He built a cabin, purchased a large boat, and rebuilt it with the intention of sailing it with Brenda to Alaska. Plans changed. They sold the boat and decided to use the money to finance his longtime dream of opening his own shop. He and Brenda spent two years, with their two baby girls in a cabin with no electricity or running water, while Norm created a large stock of sterling silver and gemstone jewelry.

     In 1983 he opened Songbird Silverworks, stocking it with the jewelry and leatherwork he had made for the previous two years. In 1999 he sold the store to the present owners so that he could "go back to the bench" fulltime. We at Songbird Silverworks continue to feature the jewelry of Norm Saunders.



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